Uses of THC & CBD Distillates

Uses and Health Benefits of THC & CBD Distillates

What is THC or CBD distillate?

As pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and recreational products flood global markets, it’s never been more important to understand what THC and CBD distillates are, and how they are used. THC and CBD distillates are oils extracted from cannabis or hemp plants that contain compounds that have shown remarkable health benefits to consumers. As these consumer-friendly products are becoming legal and federally regulated, the demand for THC and CBD distillate has never been higher.

How is THC distillate used?

THC distillate can be used (sometimes only after further processing) mainly in vaporizers, edibles, or topicals. These types of products serve as an alternative for people who want to experience the THC high without having to smoke cannabis. While the health effects of vaping cannabis products are sometimes questioned, there’s no doubt that the use of edibles is a great alternative for those who want to dabble with the high without smoking. Topicals also provide the opportunity for people to absorb high concentrations of THC through their skin.

How is CBD distillate used?

CBD distillate is used similarly to THC distillate, but the benefits of CBD distillates may be more far-reaching. CBD distillate can be used in edibles, vapes, pharmaceuticals, topicals, and cosmetics to treat all kinds of ailments and health problems.

CBD has shown promise for treating pain (ex. chronic pain from an old injury), anxiety and depression, acne, and even cancer-related symptoms (learn more here). With CBD products becoming more mainstream, the data is stacking up in favor of the benefits of CBD distillate.

Extracting THC and CBD distillate

Extracting THC or CBD distillate from cannabis or hemp biomass is an extremely technical process. Building an extraction lab that not only meets your product quality standards, but also the safety standards of your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), takes a lot of time and capital expenditure. extractX mobile labs help partners overcome these obstacles by assuming the responsibility for the technology and equipment within the lab.

Instead of partners having to focus on developing the technology and expertise to extract their own high-quality distillate, they can now outsource this area of production to a trusted partner and remain focused on cultivating the best cannabis or hemp or formulating and producing the best consumer products.

Processing Biomass in eXi Mobile Extraction Lab

Pharma-grade THC and CBD distillate

Our experience in creating mobile extraction solutions to the highest quality standards means our labs are delivered to your facility ready to be certified by your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Authorities around the world are constantly impressed by the quality of the distillate produced in extractX mobile labs.

Take a look inside one of our mobile extraction labs:

Highest quality distillate with extractX

If you’re interested in the benefits of having your own extraction lab to fuel your company’s rapid growth but want to avoid the massive CapEx and project length to build your own lab, then a mobile extraction lab partner may be right for you. Mobile labs are pharma-grade certifiable, arrive ready to operate, and are fully-staffed and managed by extractX. Hear from one of our partners about how they’re leveraging extractX mobile labs to capitalize on the booming US CBD market here.

If you are processing more than 75,000 lbs of biomass per year and are interested in a turnkey extraction lab for $0 lab CapEx and 4 months to installation, we want to talk to you today! Please contact us to learn about becoming an extractX partner.

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