extractX Labs Create Global Opportunities for Partners

The Power of Partnership - extractX Labs Create Opportunities for Partners

Distillate produced in pharma-grade extractX turnkey extraction labs creates global opportunities for our partners. Focus on your highest ROI activities, such as cultivation, formulation and brand building and let extractX bring expertise and automation to your distillate production.

Our extraction-as-a-service solution was placed in Aviette’s facility to provide:

  • Highest Quality Distillate
  • $0 lab capex
  • Scalability

Read on to learn how our partner, Mark Loik, and his team at Aviette BioProcessing have leveraged their extractX mobile lab to create the highest-quality distillate and build their Kentucky Honey brand while expanding to provide Aviette BioProcessing white label solutions.

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Kentucky Honey CBD

White-label CBD

Wholesale CBD

The team at Aviette started investigating extraction options while attending industry conferences. They looked at different equipment but found that building an extraction lab is no easy task. It’s an intensive process that involves the services of specialized architects and engineers, a significant CapEx outlay, and patience: design and permitting through to project completion can take 12-24 months. extractX mobile labs were a much better solution for Aviette’s business and their proprietary brand, Kentucky Honey.

Having the extractX team manage the entire extraction process means that I can spend my time on developing the market for Kentucky Honey,” says Mark. “Sales, and distribution relationships are critical to our success, and knowing that the engineering side is in competent hands allows me to focus on this key aspect of the business.

– Mark Loik

Read the complete case study highlighting our relationship with Aviette BioProcessing and learn more about how our partners are leveraging extractX mobile labs to fuel their rapid growth.

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