How To Market Your Cannabis Products

How To Market Your Cannabis Products

An Introduction to Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis products are one of the fastest growing markets in the world right now. Whether recreational products in Canada or some states in the U.S., or medicinal/nutraceutical products elsewhere in the world, demand for products derived from cannabis continues to expand.

One of the biggest obstacles in Canada is that cannabis marketing is incredibly restricted, like the restrictions placed on the marketing of tobacco products. Because cannabis is a recreational substance, the government doesn’t want cannabis products marketed in a way that pushes people to use them, or in a way that appeals to anyone under the legal age of consumption (think about the health problems that arose from cigarette marketing in the 1950s and 1960s).

You can’t take out ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google to promote your products. Even print, television, and radio advertising are heavily regulated against the propagation of CBD, THC, or cannabis products. Even if these marketing tactics are off limits for cannabis marketers, there are still tons of opportunities to create a great cannabis brand.

Opportunities in Cannabis Marketing

Despite the challenges imposed by the restrictions on the digital marketing of cannabis products, here are some major opportunities you and your brand can take advantage of:

  • Build a great brand – just because you can’t aggressively advertise on social media and digital platforms, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have great content. You want to create a brand presence across your website, social media, and other marketing channels that draws people in and makes them remember you.
  • Become a thought leader – in this emerging industry, people will give their trust to companies that are able to organize the new information and research in a way that educates them and provides value. This builds trust, which turns into brand loyalty, traffic, and business. This also helps you capitalize on SEO (search engine optimization) opportunities.
  • Leverage word of mouth – create and empower brand ambassadors by giving them a reason to share your offers and content. Make your logo something that looks good on a shirt, hat, or other piece of merchandise so that customers can proudly display your brand in public. Host contests and events that get people talking about you to their friends.
  • Work with media partners – find a cannabis blog or news outlet that aligns with your brand and your goals and form a mutually beneficial partnership with them. These organizations are constantly looking for content, and if you’re doing something innovative in this industry, the right partners will want to share your story with their audience.
  • Leverage technology – ensure you’re making use of marketing technology to create a great experience for your customers. Loyalty programs, special offers, customer databases, and text message and email campaigns are all easy to organize and execute through the use of affordable marketing tools.

Forming Strong Partnerships

You want to partner with organizations along every stage in your journey that are willing to share your success with their audiences. Cannabis product companies can partner with their cultivators, extraction partners, sales channels, and even local businesses to create cross-promotional opportunities that benefit both parties.

At extractX, we love showcasing the success of our partners. Here’s an example of a post on our company’s LinkedIn page where we highlight a huge update from one of our partners in Franklin, Kentucky:

Aviette Launch - eXi Post

In this screenshot from our LinkedIn page, we share a major update from one of our partners with our audience.

If you’re a cannabis product formulator hoping to work with an extraction partner that will share in your success, we walk to talk! Our turnkey mobile labs arrive at your facility within 4-6 months and require a $0 lab CapEx, and produce some of the highest-quality cannabis distillate in the world. Our partnership model is focused on creating and sharing our mutual success. Please contact us to learn about becoming an extractX partner.

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