How Are Cannabis Capsules Made?

How Are Cannabis Capsules Made?

What are Cannabis Capsules?

Cannabis capsules are soft gelatine or cellulose capsules filled with CBD, THC, or full-spectrum distillate. They provide an easy to use, exact dosage of these cannabinoid compounds, and for this reason have become increasingly popular in recent years.

To make great cannabis capsules, or to ensure you’re getting high-quality distillate in these edible products as a consumer, you’ll want to ensure you’re gaining access to a third-party lab test. In these tests, labs will use a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) machine to assess the individual concentrations of cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides, and heavy metals. Many of these lab tests are publicly available, and consumers can access them to ensure they’re purchasing products that met their needs.

Cannabis Capsule

Cannabis capsules come in a variety of types: CBD isolates, THC isolates, full-spectrum distillates are just a few examples. Image Source:

Cannabis Capsule Concentrations and Dosages

When exploring capsules, there are a few factors you’ll want to take into consideration:

  • THC content – the percentage of THC content in your capsules will determine the euphoric or inebriating effects that this edible product will produce. Novice users should start slow, with concentrations of 2.5mg of THC or lower, working their way up to 5mg-10mg capsules.
  • CBD content – the CBD cannabinoid is associated with the healing and stress-relieving qualities in cannabis. CBD capsules often come in THC-free varieties, creating opportunities for people to experience the health benefits of CBD without causing inebriation.
  • Full-spectrum vs. isolate distillates – another important consideration is whether the distillate found in your capsule is a full-spectrum or isolate distillate. Isolates contain just the cannabinoid listed with everything else removed. Full-spectrum distillates contain a host of cannabinoids and terpenes, and have been known to provide a better experience and health effects than isolates (learn more about this phenomenon, called the Entourage Effect).

High-Quality Cannabis Distillate

A crucial step in creating high-quality cannabis capsules is the extraction process. Producers of cannabis capsules and other edible products will want to engage with an extraction partner that has experience producing high-quality cannabis distillate.

If you’re a hemp or cannabis cultivator, processor, or product formulator producing cannabis capsules we walk to talk! Our turnkey mobile labs arrive at your facility within 4-6 months and require a $0 lab CapEx, and are capable of producing high-quality cannabis distillate. Please contact us to learn about becoming an extractX partner.

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