Top 10 Cannabinoids and Their Uses

Top 10 Cannabinoids and Their Uses

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. In addition to the many valuable uses of hemp, these naturally occurring compounds are what make the cannabis plant so remarkable. There are thought to be dozens of different cannabinoids found in just a single strain of cannabis, the two most commonly known being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Top 10 Cannabinoids and Their Benefits

Below are 10 of the top cannabinoids found in cannabis, along with the potential benefits, effects, and products in which they can be found.

Top 10 Cannabinoids and Their Uses

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This chart illustrates the various compounds present in cannabis and paints a picture of the many health benefits humans can experience from these derivatives of the plant. As the cultivation and extraction industries continue to develop, we will see more and more uses for cannabinoids emerge, along with new products and an increased effort by governing bodies to conduct tests and studies to measure their effectiveness.

Cannabis Extraction to Isolate Cannabinoids

As we continue to develop our understanding of the types of cannabinoids and how they can be used to treat specific human ailments and illnesses, the demand for innovation in the extraction industry will continue to rise. A refinement of the process required to extract high-quality cannabis distillate, and to further separate and remediate that distillate to isolate the desired cannabinoids is the next innovative hurdle for the extraction industry, which is why we believe it’s so important to partner with an extraction company with tons of industry experience and a track-record of success.

Pros of ethanol extraction

Cannabis extraction, remediation, and separation are highly technical processes.

extractX Mobile Labs

If you’re a hemp or cannabis cultivator, processor, or formulator creating CBD or THC products, and want to penetrate markets faster with no lab CapEx, then a mobile extraction lab may be right for you. If you are processing more than 75,000 lbs of biomass per year and are interested in a turnkey extraction lab for $0 lab CapEx and 4 months to installation, we want to talk to you today! Please contact us to learn about becoming an extractX partner.

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